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Elcin   Aktoprak

Elcin Aktoprak

Why Hasn't Minerva's Owl Arrived Yet? Nationalism in the 21st Century

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Sultan Sooud   Al-Qassemi

Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi

Political Art by Middle Eastern Artists in Berlin

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Camilo   Barbosa

Camilo Barbosa

Population Genetic Determinants of Antibiotic Resistance Evolution in the Clinic

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Maximilian   Benz

Maximilian Benz

Die Emergenz moralischer Subjektivität an der Schwelle zur Neuzeit

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Judith   Bronstein

Judith Bronstein

Towards Conceptual Synthesis in Our Understanding of Interactions between Species

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Arie   Dubnov

Arie Dubnov

Dreamers of the Third Temple: Zionism in the Age of Imperial Federalism, 1903-1956

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Oren   Harman

Oren Harman

Metamorphosis: A Natural Wonder, an Evolutionary Mystery, and a Father’s 40-Week Journey to Understand the Deep Meaning of Transformation and Change

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Husein   Inusah

Husein Inusah

Decolonising Knowledge, Shaping Norms for Epistemic Diversity: The Perspective of African Intellectual Virtue Proverbs

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Deborah   James

Deborah James

Between State and Market: A New Anthropology of Redistribution in Precarious Times

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Thomas   Kaufmann

Thomas Kaufmann

Der „deutsche Bauernkrieg“ – Eine Geschichte frühneuzeitlicher Publizistik

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Moritz   Kraemer

Moritz Kraemer

Analytical Framework for Pandemic-Resilient & Sustainable Cities

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Karin   Leonhard

Karin Leonhard

„Shared Skills“: Praktisches Wissen als immaterielles Kulturerbe

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Tchavdar   Marinov

Tchavdar Marinov

"National Indifference" as a Modern Phenomenon? Theories of the Pervasiveness and Intensity of Nationalism and Their Application in the Field of Balkan History

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Anna   Medvedovska

Anna Medvedovska

The Holocaust in Ukraine in Public Thoughts from the End of the 20th to the Beginning of the 21st Century

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Kateryna   Mishchenko

Kateryna Mishchenko

Time of Deep Snow. Essays

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Milica   Nikolic

Milica Nikolic

The Neural Mechanisms of Blushing

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Insa   Nolte

Insa Nolte

Muslim Men, Christian Women: An African History of Gender and Religious Coexistence

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Joyce   Nyairo

Joyce Nyairo

Enacting Community: Death and Funerary Practice in Modern Kenya

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Maros   Pleska

Maros Pleska

Investigating the Role of Intraspecies Diversity in Microbial Population Dynamics

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Antonin   Pottier

Antonin Pottier

“Power to Act,” a Practical Concept for the Climate Transition

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Surabhi   Ranganathan

Surabhi Ranganathan

Fantastic Oceans

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Lucia   Ronchetti

Lucia Ronchetti

New Music Theater Projects Based on Texts by Giacomo Leopardi and Dostoyevsky on Loneliness and Social Isolation. Compositional Treatments and Dramaturgies

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Martin   Saar

Martin Saar

Zeigen, was wirklich ist. Kritische Theorie nach der ontologischen Wende

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André   Schneider

André Schneider

Origin of Protein Translocases in Organellar Membranes

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Shai   Secunda

Shai Secunda

Sea of Babylon: The Formation of the Talmud in Sasanian Mesopotamia

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Ben-Zion   Shilo

Ben-Zion Shilo

Dialogue with Our Genes

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Michael   Taborsky

Michael Taborsky

The Evolution of Societies

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Njoki   Wamai

Njoki Wamai

Legacies of the International Criminal Court Intervention in Africa

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Ittai   Weinryb

Ittai Weinryb

Art and Frontier: The Black Sea and the Making of European Globalism

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Leor   Zmigrod

Leor Zmigrod

The Developmental and Computational Origins of Authoritarianism

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