Wiko Shorts


Gregory   Albery

Gregory Albery

Density Dependence and Disease Dynamics: A Cross-System Synthesis

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Elina Muuwike   Amadhila

Elina Muuwike Amadhila

Ready for Vision 2030? A Critical Examination of Coupling Agricultural Interventions with Social Protection as an Instrument for Youth Involvement in Agriculture in Namibia

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Constantin   Ardeleanu

Constantin Ardeleanu

Floating Communities in between Empires: Steam Navigation Companies in the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean (1820s-1914)

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Sir David   Cannadine

Sir David Cannadine

History of the Ford Foundation

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Teresa   Castro Martín

Teresa Castro Martín

Uneven Family Change in Latin America: Does It Lead to "Diverging Destinies"?

Fellow Detail
Weitseng   Chen

Weitseng Chen

The Legacy of German Law in Asian Developmental States

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Dame Linda   Colley

Dame Linda Colley

"Becoming Global: Britain 1688-1815" and a Theoretical Article Taking Off from My Book "The Gun, the Ship, and the Pen" (2021)

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Tatenda   Dalu

Tatenda Dalu

Impacts, Opportunities, and Challenges Related to Community-sustainable Livelihoods: A Case Study of the Potamonautid Conservation in Chimanimani, Eastern Highlands

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Elisa   Domínguez-Hüttinger

Elisa Domínguez-Hüttinger

Towards a Mathematical Description of Health: from Phenotypical Stability to Ecological Resilience

Fellow Detail
Dieter   Ebert

Dieter Ebert

Evolution's Unsung Hero: Diffuse Coevolution

Fellow Detail
Adrian   Favell

Adrian Favell

Towards a New Political Demography: Rethinking Immigration, Integration, and Citizenship

Fellow Detail
Eduardo   Halfon

Eduardo Halfon

Story and History

Fellow Detail
Mark E.   Hauber

Mark E. Hauber

Maternal Physiology, Clutch Diversity, and Egg Rejection Behavior in Hosts of Avian Brood Parasites

Fellow Detail
Heiko   Hecht

Heiko Hecht

Social Distancing in Theory: Relating Physical and Pictorial Space

Fellow Detail
Eva   Horn

Eva Horn

Luft: eine Kulturtheorie des Klimas

Fellow Detail
Szabolcs   Horvát

Szabolcs Horvát

A Solid Foundation for Spatial Network Analysis

Fellow Detail
Laurence D.   Hurst

Laurence D. Hurst

The Evolution of Imperfection: Gene and Genome Evolution as a Window into Non-Darwinian Evolution

Fellow Detail
Nkatha   Kabira

Nkatha Kabira

The Future of Law in Africa: How Commissions are Challenging Law's Rigidity

Fellow Detail
Britt   Koskella

Britt Koskella

Adaptation of Microbial Communities: When Some of the Parts Rely on the Sum of the Parts

Fellow Detail
Hannah   Landecker

Hannah Landecker

The Biology of History: Life after Industrialization, from Antimicrobials to Metabolism

Fellow Detail
Sabina   Leonelli

Sabina Leonelli

Excellence and Diversity in Global Scientific Practice

Fellow Detail
Liza   Lim

Liza Lim

Post-Human Songs for the Anthropocene

Fellow Detail
Anna   Marmodoro

Anna Marmodoro

Crossing Ontological Categories: Ancient Answers to Timeless Questions

Fellow Detail
C. Jessica E.   Metcalf

C. Jessica E. Metcalf

From the Evolutionary Roots of Sex Differences to the Contemporary Landscape of Health

Fellow Detail
Kateryna   Mishchenko

Kateryna Mishchenko

Bodies in Water

Fellow Detail
Maxim   Osipov

Maxim Osipov

Frostig, beschämt, befreit: Essays on Immigration

Fellow Detail
Alberto   Pascual-García

Alberto Pascual-García

Disentangling the Building Blocks of Microbial Biodiversity: a Roadmap Towards Synthetic Ecology

Fellow Detail
Nuno   Ramos

Nuno Ramos

My Voice Back (Minha voz de volta)

Fellow Detail
Sophie   Roux

Sophie Roux

The Pineal Gland, Comets, and Subtle Matter: The Natural Objects with Which Cartesians Tried to Conquer France (1637-1691)

Fellow Detail
Ulinka   Rublack

Ulinka Rublack

The Triumph of Fashion: A Global History

Fellow Detail
Olga   Shparaga

Olga Shparaga

Emanzipation, Sorge, Revolution: Der Fall Belarus

Fellow Detail
Peter   Strohschneider

Peter Strohschneider

Kranke Könige: Fabeln über Macht, Wissen und Gewalt

Fellow Detail
Kulbhushansingh   Suryawanshi

Kulbhushansingh Suryawanshi

Snow Leopard on Thin Ice: Ecology and Human Dimensions of Conservation in the Indian Trans-Himalaya

Fellow Detail
Sofía   Torallas Tovar

Sofía Torallas Tovar

The Language of the Magical Papyri

Fellow Detail
Etienne   Wamba

Etienne Wamba

Splitting Dynamics of Quantum Gases

Fellow Detail
Rachel   Wheatley

Rachel Wheatley

Determinants of Success in the Ecosystem of the Lungs

Fellow Detail
Xun   Zhou

Xun Zhou

Coping Mechanisms and Food Insecurity: A Historical Approach to Health In Extremis

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Anna Lisa   Ahlers

Anna Lisa Ahlers

Das Verhältnis von Wissenschaft und Politik im gegenwärtigen China

Fellow Detail
Marcelo A.   Aizen

Marcelo A. Aizen

The Importance of the Portfolio Effect and Pollinator Dependence on Agriculture Productivity and Economic Revenue

Fellow Detail
Nadine   Amsler

Nadine Amsler

Wet Nurses at Princely Courts: Dynastic Reproduction and Milk Relationships

Fellow Detail
Minou   Arjomand

Minou Arjomand

The Storytellers: Radio, Podcasts, and the Global Public Sphere

Fellow Detail
Katya   Assaf-Zakharov

Katya Assaf-Zakharov

Graffiti - A Hard Case That Makes Bad Law

Fellow Detail
Madeleine   Beekman

Madeleine Beekman

How Evolution Works - From Genes to Organisms and Back Again

Fellow Detail
Sophie   Bernard

Sophie Bernard

Être chauffeur Uber à Londres, Paris, Montréal

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Johannes   Böhme

Johannes Böhme

Ungerechte Gerechtigkeit: Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit vor europäischen Gerichten

Fellow Detail
Michael   Cant

Michael Cant

War and Peace Since Life Began: Toward a Unified Evolutionary Theory of Intergroup Conflict

Fellow Detail
Hakan   Ceylan

Hakan Ceylan

Medical Microscopic Robots for Minimally Invasive Targeted Therapies

Fellow Detail
Ève   Chiapello

Ève Chiapello

Financialised Politics for Times of Financialised Capitalism

Fellow Detail
Angela N. H.   Creager

Angela N. H. Creager

Mutations in Testing: Cancer Biology and Chemicals Regulation in the Age of Environmentalism

Fellow Detail
Lorraine J.   Daston

Lorraine J. Daston

The Scientific Community in the Long Twentieth Century

Fellow Detail
Andreas   Dorschel

Andreas Dorschel

Die Zeit des Tragikomischen. Eine philosophische Untersuchung

Fellow Detail
Sonja   Dümpelmann

Sonja Dümpelmann

Labyrinth, Hippodrome, Racetrack: Berlin as Sport City

Fellow Detail
Merve   Emre

Merve Emre

Post-Discipline: Literature, Professionalism, and the Crisis of the Humanities

Fellow Detail
Anna   Frebel

Anna Frebel

Die Entstehung der schwersten chemischen Elemente des Periodensystems

Fellow Detail
Christel   Fricke

Christel Fricke

Reflective Moral Sentimentalism - A Phenomenological Approach

Fellow Detail
Raghavendra   Gadagkar

Raghavendra Gadagkar

Fellow Detail
Luca   Giuliani

Luca Giuliani

The Problem of Roman Copies: A Transatlantic Dissent

Fellow Detail
Toni   Goßmann

Toni Goßmann

What Are the Imprints of Natural Selection on the Molecular Level?

Fellow Detail
Dieter   Grimm

Dieter Grimm

Konstitutionalismus – national und supranational

Fellow Detail
Hans Michael   Heinig

Hans Michael Heinig

Die Wissenschaft vom Religionsrecht im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert - eine wissenschaftsgeschichtliche Erkundung des deutschen Staatskirchenrechts

Fellow Detail
Shamil   Jeppie

Shamil Jeppie

Timbuktu as Archive: Writing, Copying, Collecting

Fellow Detail
Jaeeun   Kim

Jaeeun Kim

Redemption: Asylum-Seeking on Religious Grounds in the Era of Involuntary Immobility

Fellow Detail
Michel   Lallement

Michel Lallement

Le travail au "futur du passé" - analyse comparative d'experimentations utopiques concrètes

Fellow Detail
Wolf   Lepenies

Wolf Lepenies

Das deutsch-französische Verhältnis im Prozess der europäischen Integration

Fellow Detail
George E.   Lewis

George E. Lewis

Comet/Poppea and After

Fellow Detail
Corinna   Mieth

Corinna Mieth

Stabilität, Kompromiss und Konsens: Zur Bedeutung von Zusammenhalt in Zuwanderungsgesellschaften

Fellow Detail
Christoph   Möllers

Christoph Möllers

A Concept of Constitution

Fellow Detail
Franco   Moretti

Franco Moretti

Dimensions of Tragic Conflict

Fellow Detail
Jan-Werner   Müller

Jan-Werner Müller

Die kritische Infrastruktur demokratischer Politik

Fellow Detail
Benjamin   Oldroyd

Benjamin Oldroyd

The Consequences of Genomic Imprinting for Reproductice Conflict and Evolutionary Change, Particularly in Social Insects

Fellow Detail
Ulrich   Raulff
still to come

Ulrich Raulff

Eine Geschichte des Geschmacks und der Kennerschaft

Fellow Detail
Konrad   Schmid

Konrad Schmid

Gott als Gesetzgeber: Die Entstehung des Gottesrechts der Tora im Rahmen der altorientalischen Rechtsgeschichte

Fellow Detail
Bettina   Schwab

Bettina Schwab

Prospects of Network Stimulation in the Brain

Fellow Detail
Ulrike   Schwab
still to come

Ulrike Schwab

Mozart "Così fan tutte" / Strauss "Die Frau ohne Schatten"

Fellow Detail
Ella   Shohat
still to come

Ella Shohat

Muslim Spaces, Jewish Pasts: Re-Membering Iraq

Fellow Detail
Yael A.   Sternhell

Yael A. Sternhell

War on Record: The Archive and the Making of Civil War History, 1861-1901

Fellow Detail
Barbara   Stollberg-Rilinger

Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger

Grausamkeit, Disziplin und Verzweiflung: Friedrich Wilhelm I. und der preußische Mythos

Fellow Detail
Magdalena   Waligórska

Magdalena Waligórska

A Cultural History of the Cross in the Polish Political Imagination

Fellow Detail
Ge   Wang

Ge Wang

Moral Agencies From the I and the Other to Selflessness

Fellow Detail
Munem   Wasif

Munem Wasif

Memories of Disappearance (Film)

Fellow Detail
Yossi   Yovel

Yossi Yovel

Behavioral, Brain, and Genetic Differences Between Urban and Rural Bats

Fellow Detail
Bénédicte   Zimmermann

Bénédicte Zimmermann

What Kind of Work for What Kind of Society after the Pandemic?

Fellow Detail