About Wikoscope

The library of the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin is a special research library. The library team provides all the media and information that the Fellows of the Wissenschaftskolleg need for their research.

We conduct research on all topics and questions and mediate contact to experts, archives, museums, and other facilities. We provide support for bibliographic work and we obtain and provide printed and electronic information rapidly and without complications.

Wikoscope opens up new worlds of research and makes it possible to search simultaneously in the stocks of the Wissenschaftskolleg and in more than 100 million bibliographic data sets, including from

• the stocks of more than 400 libraries in northern and central Germany,

• the stock of the libraries of the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation),

• more than 57 million printed articles (online contents and directory of open-access journals),

• more than 23 million objects and references from the national licenses

• more than 11 million electronic resources (eBooks, eArticles, eJournals).

Wikoscope eases the work process and shows whether a particular source in printed or electronic form is available on campus immediately or must be obtained by the library service. Each search result contains either a link to the full text, information on where it can be found on the campus of the Wissenschaftskolleg, or a direct way to order it via the library service.