Landmark Papers Revisited

Hari Sridhar, Fellow in 2013/2014, explores the long shadow of outstanding publications in biology. In 2016, he started interviewing authors of well-known papers in ecology and evolution among which are a couple of former Wiko Fellows. He wants to learn more about the making of the paper, the impact the paper had on the author’s career and research and the author’s current stand on what was said in the paper. Hari Sridhar is a post-doctoral researcher at the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.

Revisiting Bronstein 2001

Revisiting Ryan et al. 1990

Revisiting Srinivasan et al. 2000

Revisiting Stearns 1976

Revisiting Strassmann et al. 2000

Revisiting Wilkinson 1984