Wiko Shorts


Iveren   Abiem

Iveren Abiem

Assessment and Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services Provided by Forest-Agricultural Landscapes

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Joshua   Berson

Joshua Berson

The Habit of Life

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Joel   Blecher

Joel Blecher

Profit & Prophecy: Islam and the Spice Trade

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Ruth   Chang

Ruth Chang

Making It Matter

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Debora   Diniz

Debora Diniz

After the End: Lived Experiences of Women in the Aftermath of the Zika and Covid Emergencies in Brazil

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Jeffrey   Döring

Jeffrey Döring

Blaubarts Burg - Ein Labor für dokumentarisch-immersives Musiktheater

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Ismaila   Emahi

Ismaila Emahi

Progress toward the Development of Artificial Tongues for Smart Detection and Removal of Toxic Metals from Water

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Kit   Fine

Kit Fine

A Numerical Model for Parity and Imprecision

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Andreas   Føllesdal

Andreas Føllesdal

The European Court of Human Rights as Antidote against Authoritarian Populism

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Alisa   Ganieva

Alisa Ganieva

Phantasmal Republic, a Novel

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Andrew   Hui

Andrew Hui

Confucius the Stoic: The Encounter between Chinese and Western Philosophy in the Global Renaissance

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Harold   James

Harold James

The History of Modern Finance

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Nils   Jansen

Nils Jansen

Europäische Rechtsgeschichten

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Martha S.   Jones

Martha S. Jones

Hard Histories

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Niko   Kolodny

Niko Kolodny

Philosophical Foundations of Privacy for a Digital Age

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Michal   Kravel-Tovi

Michal Kravel-Tovi

Accounting of the Soul: The Social Life of an American-Jewish “Continuity Crisis”

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André   Krischer

André Krischer

Nach dem Krieg. Deutschland in der Welt der 1650er-Jahre

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Mallory   Matsumoto

Mallory Matsumoto

Scripting Ritual: Classic Maya Religion and the Spread of Hieroglyphic Writing

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Arwed   Messmer

Arwed Messmer

Berlin, VINETA: Eine deutsche Stadtbaugeschichte (Arbeitstitel)

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Erika Lorraine   Milam

Erika Lorraine Milam

Timescapes of Behavior: Long-Term Research and the Birth of Behavioral Ecology

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Kateryna   Mishchenko

Kateryna Mishchenko

Gemeinsamer Horizont

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Eric   Monnet

Eric Monnet

Powering Capitalism. Revisiting the History of Central Banks (19th–21th Centuries)

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Stefany   Moreno-Gámez

Stefany Moreno-Gámez

The Evolution of Resource Utilization Strategies in the Gut Microbiome

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Pallavi   Paul

Pallavi Paul


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Barbara   Prainsack

Barbara Prainsack

Caring States: Solidarity in a Turbulent World

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Hedwig   Richter

Hedwig Richter

Hausfrauen. Demokratie, Patriarchat und Konsum in der frühen Bundesrepublik

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Kirsten   Scheiwe

Kirsten Scheiwe

„Klatschen allein genügt nicht“ – ein Plädoyer für ein sorgsames Recht

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Martin   Schüttler

Martin Schüttler

Komposition musiktheatraler, instrumentaler & intermedialer Werke

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Carlos   Spoerhase

Carlos Spoerhase

Ästhetische Quantitäten: Über das Maß der Künste

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Yanfei   Sun

Yanfei Sun

Premodern Empires and Religious Toleration: A Historical Comparative Study

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Barbara   Thériault

Barbara Thériault

Average Aesthetics or the Regular Haircut. The Aesthetic Dimension of the Social in a German City

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Marion   Tiedtke

Marion Tiedtke

Die Arbeit hinter dem Vorhang: Produktionsweisen des Theaters am Beispiel der Berliner Schaubühne in den Siebziger- und Achtzigerjahren (Arbeitstitel)

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Claudia   Verhoeven

Claudia Verhoeven

Love and Terror: A Revolutionary History of the Manson Murders

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Marcus   Willaschek

Marcus Willaschek

Time, Subjectivity, and Death

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Bin   Xu

Bin Xu

Listening to Thunder in Silence: Politics and Ethics of Memory of Tiananmen 1989

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Bee   Yun

Bee Yun

The Will to Democracy. Democracy in East Asia and a New Global History of Democracy in the 21st Century

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