Lectures on Film

Marie E. Herberstein, Giovanni Galizia

The Flower’s Dinner Guests: Bees and Spiders – Who Will Survive the Meal?

May 27, 2020


Köpfe und Ideen 2020

"Every conversation offers a chance"

Zaid Al-Ali in an interview with Katja Gelinsky

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Made at Wiko

Cultural Scripts of Traumatic Stress : Outline, Illustrations, and Research Opportunities

Yulia Chentsova-Dutton and Andreas Maercker

Andreas Maercker

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Zeitschrift für Ideengeschichte


Heft XIV/2 Sommer 2020

Münkler, Kaube, Pinkard, Butler, Schlaffer, Heinke

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Working Futures

"Wiko Briefs - Working Futures in Corona Times"

David Stark: Who or what is being tested in pandemic times?