The list of Fellows 2023/2024 and Permanent Fellows affords an overview of those Fellows who are presently active at the Wissenschaftskolleg.   

The Fellow Finder makes it possible to search for the 1700 Fellows who have worked at the Wissenschaftskolleg, going back to the institute’s establishment in 1981.  The Fellows can be located and filtered according to academic year, scholarly discipline and place of work. 

There were regularly one or more Focus Groups


Our principle in selecting Fellows is the quality of individual scholars and the attractiveness of their research plans.  The Wissenschaftskolleg extends invitations to persons from all fields and disciplines.  Each year we host scholars from the humanities, the social sciences and life sciences along with individuals from the arts (musicians, composers, artists, writers).


After a Fellow’s departure from the Wissenschaftskolleg there are many ways in which he or she can maintain contact with our institution. 

The Fellows' Club creates opportunities for coming together and regularly provides former Fellows with information regarding the Wissenschaftskolleg. 

The Fellow Forum affords the opportunity of staging workshops with  Fellows from across the years and representing diverse fields of knowledge.