Zeitschrift für Ideengeschichte

H wie Habermas

Heft XV/3 Herbst 2021

Richter, Möllers, Cammann, Bude, Maak, Assmann, Kukkonen

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College for Life Sciences

Gain time to think! 2022-23

The next deadline for submitting applications is November 1, 2021.

Please apply here: https://cfls-application.wiko-berlin.de/ or read more about the call: Call for Applications

Made at Wiko

Introduction : pour une sociologie de la rationalisation

Philippe Bezes, Sebastian Billows, Patrice Duran, Michel Lallement

Michel Lallement

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Ausschreibung Blankensee-Colloquien "Kultureller und Sozialer Wandel"

Bewerbungsschluss 12. Oktober 2021


Working Futures

Systems Theory and Algorithmic Futures

Interview with Elena Esposito