Workshop 2018/2019

Working Futures

Work of the Future - The Futures of Work

08.–09. November 2018


The workshop will kick off the network “Work of the Future” (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin / re:work HU Berlin). This network aims to create a space for mutual understanding and analysis of the future of work among scholars from different disciplines and countries. Thinking about the mutations that work has undergone and is still undergoing places into question the transformations of contemporary societies as a whole; it also requires a renewal of the concepts and methods used by the social sciences to understand social and economic change. Four drivers of transformation will be addressed by the workshop through application of a processual approach: siliconization, financialization, democratization and ecologization.




Andreas Eckert

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Permanent Fellow

Bénédicte Zimmermann

Professorin der Soziologie



Corina Pertschi


Tel. +49 30 89001 158