Workshop 2018/2019

Psychology, Philosophy and Literary Studies Read Together

11.–12. April 2019


Literature has been described as an archive of human feeling and thought, reaching back into antiquity, and as a vehicle for the ways in which we make sense of our experience and negotiate it socially. While literary scholars often do not relate to psychological notions of cognition and emotion in their discussion, psychologists and philosophers might reference literary works as part of a shared canon of knowledge in the opening move of an article, but an engagement with literary texts at eye-level is still rare.

This workshop proposes the format of shared reading in order to launch an interdisciplinary exchange that takes literary texts as its pivot. Researchers from psychology, philosophy and literary studies are invited to present their response to a set of short literary texts and to comment on how these relate to their discipline and the concepts they work with. The procedure through literary reading is meant to work as (1) a challenge to “apply” the theoretical models and concepts from the sciences in less everyday contexts, (2) as a common ground of debate between the two cultures and, potentially, (3) as a moment of distancing from the presuppositions that come with individual disciplines.




Karin Kukkonen

Professor in Comparative Literature



Corina Pertschi


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