Workshop 2017/2018

Democracy in the Enterprise

01.–02. Februar 2018


In recent years, there has been a revival of discussions about democracy in the enterprise, not only out of a frustration about the powerlessness of the external political control of firms, but also based on hopes connected to new technologies, for example instant messaging systems, that could lower the costs of participatory decision making. What is the potential for democratic participation that the digitalization of workplaces could, in theory, have, and how can this positive potential be tapped by suitable regulations and incentives? In this workshop, we will explore various arguments (e.g. epistemic or human rights-based arguments) for and against workplace democracy. We will discuss what kinds of institutions enterprises are or could be, how they could be successfully democratized, and what further theoretical or practical research is needed to better understand the potential of democracy in the enterprise.




Lisa Herzog

Professor of Political Philosophy and Theory



Roberto Frega

Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin / Centre d'étude des mouvements sociaux (CNRS), Paris



Corina Pertschi


Tel. +49 30 89001 158

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