Workshop 2016/2017

Fellow Forum

Animal Experimentation

10.–12. Mai 2017


Humans use animals in many ways – as beasts of burden, pets, food, for sport, and for experiments. Involving animals in experiments is, arguably, our most contentious use of animals. Animal experiments raise difficult moral, ethical and welfare questions, as well as scientific and legal issues. Such questions can also apply to other interactions that we have with animals, but this is often of less societal interest.

This workshop, following-on from one held in 2016, will consider these issues, but especially focusing on (i) how the use of animals in contexts other than in research can inform (or not) the use of animals in research, and (ii) the pros and cons of the 'good life' concept for research animals.







Mark E. Viney

Professor der Zoologie



Victoria A. Braithwaite

Professor of Fisheries and Biology



Corina Pertschi


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