Application for 2020/21 is closed. Please register here to receive the upcoming call for the academic year 2021/22.

Applications include:

  1. a project proposal (max. 1000 words)
  2. a letter of motivation (max. 500 words)
  3. a CV
  4. a publication list

1.Project Proposal: Please describe the research questions you intend to work on during your stay at the Wissenschaftskolleg. You are entirely free to determine what research to pursue during your Fellowship. You may come here to think and take stock of your past research, formulate new exciting questions, plan your next experiments, or prepare to start your first post as an independent group leader. Fellowships may also be used to write a book. In your statement, you may want to include: a short general introduction to your field of research, your broad research aims and aspirations, the questions you would like to work on during your Fellowship, your ideas on how to solve these questions, and your plan’s relevance for your field and beyond. You may also indicate how it will advance your field of research and the urgency of your intended project. Please keep the broad picture in mind, because your application will be read by the scientific committee consisting of researchers from various life scientific disciplines. You may also want to indicate why you think this project is particularly suitable for the College for Life Sciences and why the time is right to undertake this project and how it will benefit you at this specific point in your career.

2.Letter of Motivation: Please describe your motivation and reasons for applying for this particular fellowship as well as your expectations regarding your stay. We are seeking highly motivated individuals with vivid intellectual curiosity who excel in their fields and think outside the box. Please explain why you think you are suited to hold a fellowship in such an interdisciplinary environment and describe your expectations and how the College and the Wissenschaftskolleg might benefit from your presence.

3. Your CV: Please provide us with information concerning your education, current and previous positions, awards, and any other academic activities (memberships in scientific organizations, speaker invitations, etc.).

4. Publications: Please provide a list of up to 5 of your most important publications, as well as a list of all publications.

Selection Process

Applicants are selected by the program’s Scientific Committee, based on the applicant’s academic excellence, achievements, and promise, as well as the quality, significance, and interdisciplinarity of the proposed research project.

Reviews from peers in relevant disciplines support the process.

Applicants are notified by e-mail of the outcome of the selection process at the end of February.

Potential candidates will be invited for a final interview either in person or via video call in the presence of the whole selection committee. Fellowships are awarded in February and can be started at the earliest in September and at the latest in April of the following year