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Marco Stroppa

Composer, Professor of Composition and Computer Music

Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart

Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique (Ircam), Paris

Born in 1959 in Verona, Italy
Studied Piano and Choir Conducting at the Conservatory of Verona, Composition at the Conservatory of Milan, Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Venice, and Cognitive Psychology, Computer Science, and Artificial Intelligence at the Media Laboratory, MIT, Cambridge, Mass.


Composition of and Theoretical Work on the Second Book of "Miniature Estrose", for "Piano D'Amore"

Between 1991 and 2000, inspired by and written for Pierre-Laurent Aimard, a former Fellow of the Wissenschaftskolleg, I composed the "First Book of Miniature Estrose", a one-hour long cycle of seven pieces for "piano d'amore", a term of my own invention that indicated an instrument some of whose strings sympathetically resonate while playing thanks to the use of a special pedal.
Multiple revisions occupied me until 2010. Since then, this work became a milestone in the contemporary piano literature because of its use of the instrument, the force of the structure, and its implications for cognitive psychology and neurological research on the recognition of musical forms by our brain.
From the beginning, a second book was planned and roughly sketched (seven pieces), but I could never find a concentrated period long enough to work on it. I will compose this cycle during my stay at the Wissenschaftskolleg.
I will also use this time to formalize my composition research using OpenMusic, a Lisp-based graphical programming environment developed by Jean Bresson at Ircam, with whom I have already collaborated.
Several essays documenting the major research issues developed during the composition are also planned once the cycle has been ended.

Recommended Reading and Listening

"Miniature Estrose, Libro Primo." Florian Hölscher, piano. WDR3/Stradivarius, 2005.
"Traiettoria" (for piano and computer-generated sounds), Pierre-Laurent Aimard, piano / "Spirali" (for string quartet projected into the space), Arditti String Quartet. Ricordi/Stradivarius, 2008.

Stroppa, Marco. "OMChroma: Composition Control of Sound Synthesis." Computer Music Journal 35, 2 (2011): 67-83.
-. "Musical Information Organisms: An Approach to Composition." Contemporary Music Revue 4, 1 (1989): 131-163.

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