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Guoxiang Peng, Dr.

Qiu Shi Distinguished Professor of Chinese Philosophy, Intellectual History, and Religions

Zhejiang University, Hangzhou

Born in 1969 in Jiangsu, China
Studied Chinese Philosophy at Peking University and Political Science at Nanjing University


The Entanglement of Confucianism and Political Culture in Contemporary China

The vicissitudes of Confucianism in contemporary China raise a challenging question that deserves careful deliberation: what role does Confucianism play in contemporary Chinese political culture? In other words, how should we understand the entanglement of Confucianism with political power and ruling ideology in contemporary China? It is my contention that parsing the contents and meanings of this entanglement is one of the keys to understanding what is going on in today's China with its many pressing issues, political, intellectual, social, and even economic. In short, the purpose of my research is to dissect and analyze the complex interaction between Confucianism and political power in contemporary China.

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Publikationen aus der Fellowbibliothek

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