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Xóchitl Bada, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies

University of Illinois at Chicago

Born in 1972 in Veracruz, Mexico
Studied International Relations at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; Political Science at The New School for Social Research, New York; Social Sciences at The University of Chicago; and Sociology at the University of Notre Dame


Transnational Approaches to Immigrant Labor Rights Advocacy

As migrant populations across the globe continue to cross borders and immigrant communities become established with and without documentation, both origin and destination countries are now involved in managing immigrants. State and local governments frequently enact domestic laws expanding or contracting immigrant rights. Consequently, in the last 30 years, immigrant advocacy organizations have demanded protections in various areas, including employment, health, and education. The strategies these organizations employ transcend the geographical container of states as they push government bureaucracies to be accountable to the needs of these populations. The relationships these organizations establish on various government scales in the countries of origin and reception to challenge systems of governance are not well understood.
Taking Mexico and the United States as entry points and using a comparative frame, this project addresses empirical case studies ranging from domestic labor rights enforcement practices to transnational labor advocacy. I analyze support and pressure tactics in transnational migrant civil society organizations and how these practices are constituted on different scales, ranging from the local to the transnational. The study design offers equal importance to government bureaucracies, subnational diplomacy, worker centers, labor unions, and other migrant-serving nonprofits. By focusing on the strategies that these organizations pursue to expand their influence across borders, I question the meaning of associating effective communicative power with civil society forums that do not necessarily correlate with sovereign states. I aim to identify challenges arising from transnational public spheres with distinctive institutional actors in labor rights arenas in which the interlocutors are not fellow members of a political community, but are constantly attempting to gain equal rights.

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