SIAS Summer Institutes – a program for European-American cohort formation amongst young scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences - Invitation to potential Conveners

Now in their eleventh year, SIAS Summer Institutes promote innovative research and foster intellectual exchange among emerging scholars from Europe and the United States. Summer Institutes meet for two weeks during two successive summers (a total of four weeks over two years). The Summer Institutes are organized and hosted in alternate years by the National Humanities Center and the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, so each Institute meets for two weeks in North Carolina and for two weeks in Berlin. Two conveners (one from Europe and one from the US) organize and conduct each Institute, in which twenty recent PhDs from the US and Europe participate. For the last ten years, the program has been jointly funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in the US and by the German Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Currently, the SIAS group is looking for experienced scholars potentially interested in acting as conveners of the 2015/16 SIAS Summer Institutes. If you are interested in directing a SIAS Summer Institute along with a co-convener from either the US or Europe (depending on your location), please contact one of the program’s administrators: Elizabeth Mansfield or Martin Garstecki. They will provide you with all necessary information on the application procedure.

The deadline for submission of final proposals is April 30, 2014. Submission of a preliminary proposal is strongly recommended, and draft versions will be accepted through March 31. Recommendations on how draft proposals might be modified or improved will be conveyed to prospective conveners within 10 days. Final proposals will be evaluated by the SIAS directors. All prospective conveners will be notified of the results of the selection process by June 30, 2014.

Here you find more information on the group of SIAS institutes, a general outline of the SIAS Summer Institutes program, information on previous SIAS Summer Institutes as well as on the ongoing 2013/14 SIAS-SI.