Former Summer Institutes

First Series (1994-2000)

Institute 1:
"Family Development, Lifecycle, and Lifestyles"
Conveners: Hans Bertram (Berlin), Gil Noam (Harvard) 1994/95

Institute 2:
"Globalization, Social Policy, and the Semi-Sovereign Welfare States in Europe and North-America"
Conveners: George Ross (Harvard), Stephan Leibfried (Bremen) 1994/95

Institute 3:
"Mating Systems and Parental Care"
Conveners: Uli Reyer (Zürich), Bobbi Low (University of Michigan) 1995/96

Institute 4:
"The Political Economy of European Integration"
Conveners: Barry Eichengreen (Berkeley), Jonah Levy (Berkeley), Kevin O'Rourke (Dublin), Michael Zürn (Bremen) 1995/96

Institute 5:
"The Organization of Behavior in Higher and Lower Animals"
Conveners: Martin Heisenberg (Würzburg), Masakazu Konishi (California Institute of Technology) 1996/97

Institute 6:
"Immigration, Incorporation, Citizenship in Advanced Industrial Democracies"
Conveners: Aristide Zolberg (New York), Rainer Münz (Berlin) 1996/97

Institute 7:
"The Islamic World and Modernity"
Conveners: Thomas Philipp (Erlangen), Serif Mardin (Washington) 1997/98

Institute 8:
"Social and Biological Determinants of Longevity"
Conveners: James Carey (University of California at Davis), James Vaupel (Max-Planck-Institut für demographische Forschung, Rostock) 1997/98

Institute 9:
"Institutions and Economic Performance in Advanced Economies Since 1945"
Conveners: Peter Lange (Duke), Lars-Hendrik Röller (WZB = Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin), David Soskice (WZB), Giani Toniolo (Rome) 1998/99

Institute 10:
"The Evolution of Intelligence: The Comparative Analysis of Cognition" Conveners: Terrence Deacon (Boston University), Holk Cruse (Universität Bielefeld) 1998/99

Institute 11:
"The Unification of Germany - Problems of Transition in Comparative Perspective"
Conveners: Wolfgang Schluchter (Universität Erfurt), Peter E. Quint (University of Maryland) 1999/2000

Institute 12:
"The Economics and Politics of Labor in Industrialized Societies"
Conveners: Claus Offe (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Martin Rein (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT), 1999/2000

Second Series (since 2001)

Institute 1:
"Public Spheres and Muslim Identities"
Conveners: Dale F. Eickelman (Dartmouth College), Armando Salvatore (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and European University Institute, Florence), 2001-2002

Institute 2:
"Secularization and Religion"
Conveners: Jose Casanova (New School University, New York) Hans Joas (Max Weber Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, Erfurt), 2003-2004

Institute 3:
"The Concept of Language in the Academic Disciplines"
Conveners: John E. Joseph (University of Edinburgh), Talbot J. Taylor (College of William and Mary), 2003-2004

Institute 4:
"Hierarchy, Marginality, and Ethnicity in Muslim Societies (7th Century to Second World War)"
Conveners: Gudrun Krämer (Freie Universität Berlin), Mark R. Cohen (Princeton University), 2005-2006

Institute 5:
"The Political: Law, Culture, Theology"
Conveners: Ulrich Haltern (Universität Hannover), Paul W. Kahn (Yale Law School), 2005-2006

Institute 6:
"Citizenship and Migration"
Conveners: Eamonn Callan (Stanford University), David Miller (University of Oxford), 2007-2008

Institute 7:
"The Vision Thing - Studying Divine Intervention"
Conveners: Gábor Klaniczay (Central European University Budapest), William A. Christian Jr. (University of Southern California, Center for Religion and Civic Culture), 2007-2008 

Institute 8:
"Comparative Perspectives on Federalism and Separation of Powers: Lessons from - and for - National, Supranational, and Global Governance"
Conveners: Daniel Halberstam (The University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor), Christoph Möllers (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen), 2009-2010 

Institute 9:
"Action Theory in Philosophy and Social Sciences"
Conveners: Hans Joas (Max-Weber-Kolleg, Universität Erfurt), Robert Pippin (University of Chicago), 2009-2010 

Institute 10:
"The Second Person: Comparative Perspectives"
Conveners: James Conant (University of Chicago), Sebastian Rödl (Universität Basel), 2011-2012

Institute 11:
"Regulating the World Society: Law, Governance and the Quest for Global Justice"
Conveners: Alfred C. Aman, Jr. (Indiana University at Bloomington), Peer Zumbansen (Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto), 2011-2012

Institute 12:
"Cultural Encounters: Global Perspectives and Local Exchanges, 1750-1940" Convener Harry Liebersohn, Professor of History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign und Jürgen Osterhammel, Professor of History, Universität Konstanz, 2013-2014

Institute 13:
"Scenes from the History of the Image: Reading Two Millenia of Conflict"
Convenerd Thomas Pfau, Professor of English, Duke University und David Womersley, Professor of English Literature, University of Oxford, 2013-2014

Institute 14:
"The Investigation of Linguistic Meaning: In the Armchair, in the Field, and in the Lab" Conveners Angelika Kratzer, Professor of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Manfred KRIFKA, Professor of General Linguistics at Humboldt Universität Berlin and Director of the Zentrum für Sprachwissenschaft, Berlin (ZAS). 2015/2016

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