John Maynard Smith Prize

Each year, the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) awards the John Maynard Smith Prize to an outstanding young researcher in the field of evolutionary biology. Since 2009, the Wissenschaftskolleg has invited the prizewinner to spend a few months at the Wissenschaftskolleg to make contacts with other researchers. Within the community of the Fellows of the College for Life Sciences he or she can pursue his or her own project while profiting from the exchange with scholars from various disiciplines.


Siobhán E. O'Brien
(Fellow 2018/2019)

Amanda Kyle Gibson
(Fellow 2018/2019)

Rowan Barrett
(Fellow 2012/2013)

Ben Sadd
(Fellow 2010/2011)

Tanja Schwander
(Fellow 2009/2010)

Tanja Stadler
(Fellow 2012/2013)

Line Ugelvig
(Fellow 2014/2015)