Housing and Housing Allowance / Offices and Guest Rooms

For Fellows who come alone, the Wissenschaftskolleg has several one-room apartments in its own buildings, some of which also have a separate working room. The buildings have kitchens for shared use. For Fellows who come with accompaniment to the Wissenschaftkolleg, 29 apartments with 2 to 5 rooms are available in the Villa Walther, about 5 minutes away from the main building. These apartments are completely furnished. They are rented to the Fellows generally for the period from September 16 to July 15, but are already available earlier for Fellows who come to the Wissenschaftskolleg with school-age children or who take part in the preparatory German course.

Usually Fellows have continuing costs for their apartment in their home country; in this case, the Wissenschaftskolleg grants a housing allowance in compensation:

  • Fellows whose home universities (or other institutions) contribute at least 20% of the costs receive a housing supplement equal to their basic rent (excluding utilities). All other Fellows must contribute 10% of their stipend or their substitution costs for rent. Utilities (heating, water, garbage collection, etc.) are paid by the Fellows.
  • If Fellows rent out their home, their housing allowance is cut by 50% of what they receive in rent.
  • An additional 5% of the stipend or substitution costs will be billed to Fellows who desire a larger apartment than the Wissenschaftskolleg offers.

Sometimes there are not enough separate offices to fulfill every Fellow’s wishes. If demand exceeds supply, Fellows who are accompanied by their families will take priority.

The Wissenschaftskolleg has several guest rooms serving as short-term accommodation for scholarly guests, former Fellows, and close family members of Fellows who cannot be accommodated in the Fellow’s apartment.