Housing and Housing Allowance / Offices and Guest Rooms

For Fellows who come alone, the Wissenschaftskolleg has several one-room apartments in its own buildings, some of which also have a separate working room. The buildings have kitchens for shared use. For Fellows who come with accompaniment to the Wissenschaftskolleg, 29 apartments with 2 to 5 rooms are available in the Villa Walther, about 5 minutes away from the main building. These apartments are completely furnished. They are rented to the Fellows generally for the period from September 1 to June 30, but are already available earlier for Fellows who come to the Wissen­schaftskolleg with school-age children or who take part in the preparatory German course.

Usually, Fellows have continuing costs for their apartment in their home country; in this case, the Wissenschaftskolleg grants a housing allowance in compensation:

  • Fellows whose home universities (or other institutions) contribute at least 20% of the costs receive a housing supplement equal to their basic rent (excluding utilities). All other Fellows must contribute 10% of their stipend or their substitution costs for rent. Utilities (heating, water, garbage collection, etc.) are paid by the Fellows.
  • If Fellows rent out their home, their housing allowance is cut by 50% of what they receive in rent.

As far as possible, every Fellow will be provided with a study, either in his or her apartment or as a separate office in the rooms of the Wissenschaftskolleg. Short-term Fellows who come to the Wissenschaftskolleg alone, live in a studio apartment.

The Wissenschaftskolleg has several guest rooms serving as short-term accommodation for schol­arly guests, former Fellows, and close family members of Fellows who cannot be accommodated in the Fellow’s apartment.