Former Permanent Fellow

Gunther S. Stent, Ph.D., Permanent Fellow (1985-89)

Professor of Molecular Biology

University of California, Berkeley

Born March 28, 1924 in Berlin; died on June 12, 2008 in Haverford, Pennsylvania

Publications from the Fellows' Library

Stent, Gunther S. ( Philadelphia, Pa., 2002)
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Stent, Gunther S. ( Kensington, Calif, 1998)
Nazis, women and molecular biology : memoirs of a lucky self-hater

Stent, Gunther S. ( Palo Alto [u.a.], 1986)
Mind from matter? : An essay on evolutionary epistemology

Stent, Gunther S. ( Tokyo, 1983)
Molecular genetics : An introductory narrative

Stent, Gunther S. ( Madrid, 1981)
Las paradojas del progreso Exedra ; 133

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Molekuljarnaja genetika Molecular genetics <russ.>

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Morality as a biological phenomenon : the presuppositions of sociobiological research

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The double helix : a personal account of the discovery of the structure of DNA A Norton critical edition

Stent, Gunther S. ( San Francisco, 1978)
Paradoxes of progress A series of books in biology

Stent, Gunther S. ( San Francisco, 1978)
Molecular genetics : an introductory narrative