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Jessica Stockholder , Ph.D.

Raymond W. & Martha Hilpert Gruner Distinguished Service Professor of Visual Arts, Artist

University of Chicago

Born in 1959 in Seattle, Wash., USA
Studied Visual Arts at Yale University


Drawing and Painting in Response to Berlin and in Preparation for a Project at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht

I will be working towards an exhibition at the Centraal Museum opening April 2019 that will present an overview of my work merged with a curatorial project aimed at exploring questions revolving around boundary, dependence, and autonomy - central questions in my work that I have explored in many different forms. This project is unfolding, and many directions are possible.
As I work towards this exhibition, I will make drawings and small works in my studio. It may be that I make sets of drawings that are both autonomous and interactive in groups. I am interested in proposing sequences of drawing events as equivalent to the execution of alphabet letters. I may explore the wide variety of different kinds of marks that resonate with the alphabet, handwriting, drawing, calligraphy, and computer fonts as they might run into different kinds of pencil, brush, and ink drawing forms.
In most of my work, color has been central. Color evokes feeling and thought. It is experienced both as solid, embodied by material, and ephemeral, as it is carried by light. Color can be used to facilitate the creation of illusion and it is factual. I appreciate and orchestrate the experience of color as a metaphor for the complexity of our ever-changing layered and dynamic internal lives.
I will likely also make three-dimensional objects that involve sequencing and pose related questions about dependence, autonomy, and context.

Recommended Reading and Viewing

Jessica Stockholder: Revised and Expanded Edition. New York: Phaidon Press, 2018. (= Contemporary Artist Series.)
Website link including information, images, and a video about a recent work installed at the Smart Museum, University of Chicago: https://smartmuseum.uchicago.edu/exhibitions/jessica-stockholder-roses-inclination/

Publications from the Fellows' Library

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