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Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor


Kwani Trust, Nairobi

Born in 1968 in Nairobi
Studied Creative Writing at the University of Queensland, Television/Video for Development at the University of Reading (AERDD), and Linguistics in English and History at Kenyatta University, Nairobi


"Hiraeth", a Novel in Progress

Hiraeth is a creative project imagined as transnational fiction situated in the African continent, informed by and drawing from oft-neglected inner/liminal realities of the African continent. Mythopoeic in inclination, this is also a journey story into the future (the son) and the past (the father). The work sets out to re-interpret some of the continent's regional and local archetypes and place these into dialogue (and conflict) with one another in order to interrogate some of Kenya's (and to some extent the continent's) uncomfortable realities through a family story. Pulsing through the text are some of the questions that inform my overall creative quest, for example: Can a "text" carried in memory and blood suggest dimensionality and sense to a place? Where is the "locus of meaning" in Africa's imagined geographies? What do these ceaseless presences say about the future? What does state and nation mean for the idea/project Kenya? As an author of Africa struggling to come to terms with the sense of loss and to uncover the root cause of national restlessness, this story is part of the author's quest for a fresh grammar to frame the riddle of belonging and home, both in Africa and the world. In line with my earlier works, this one is inspired by references from assorted African imaginaries, visual texts, and ways of seeing. In this work, I examine memory as a library of "buried" image and story that offers direction to the protagonists in order to inform their present and future. The outcome of this quest would be, to borrow words from Georg Lukács' Theory of the Novel, an "archetypal map" and the artefact of a "liminal" Africa.

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Publications from the Fellows' Library

Owuor, Yvonne Adhiambo ( 2015)
O-Swahili : language and liminality

Owuor, Yvonne Adhiambo ( 2013)