Workshop 2014/2015

Structural Injustice

February 11–12, 2015


The workshop aims to explore what structural injustice is, the difference between structural and agential injustice, the claims and obligations of victims of structural injustice and the analogies and differences between specific cases of structural injustice: e.g. class-based injustices, gender-based injustices, injustices with a historical dimension (as in the case of colonialism and indigenous claims to resources). The workshop is a collaboration between the Wissenschaftskolleg and Justitia Amplificata, Centre for Advanced Studies funded by the DFG and based partly at the University of Frankfurt and partly at the Freie Universität Berlin.




Lea Leman Ypi

Associate Professor in Political Theory



Tamara Jugov

Freie Universität Berlin / Justitia Amplificata



Vera Kempa

Vera Kempa

Academy in Exile, Secretary Fellows' Club

Tel. +49 30 89001 157