Workshop 2014/2015

Ideologies and EU Design

May 27–28, 2015


In recent years especially, the European Union (EU) has widely come to be viewed as an ideological project, propelled by and advancing a brand of market liberalism.  In reality, neoliberalism is but one of several constellations of ideas to have fashioned today’s EU: currents as diverse as social democracy, green thought, Catholicism and the Third Way have crucially shaped its evolution.  The aim of this workshop is to examine more closely how ideology and European integration intertwine, looking at how ideology has shaped the emergence of the EU in its current form, how ideological commitments are embedded in and reproduced by its institutional practices, and what prospects exist for revising its ideological inheritance. 




Jonathan P. J. White

Associate Professor in European Politics



Vera Kempa

Vera Kempa

Academy in Exile, Secretary Fellows' Club

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